I had a lovely chat with the lads from the Wanderings And Woolgathering Podcast on Sunday. We covered everything from the new book and album to musical influences, loss, joy, and hope. It does start on a rather heavy note but I promise we traverse a range of emotions... 



[20 July 2020]

I am delighted to share my new video for “Waiting For A Voice” with you! This is the title track of my new book and album, which are both released today. Please share and let me know what you think!


[18 July 2020]

It is so wonderful to be sitting here today, signing and dedicating this, my first book, along with my most personal and personally significant album to date. Thank you so much to all who have already ordered. It will take me a little while to get all of the orders, handwritten lyrics, and other oddities out but I can assure you that each and every order is being packed and sent with love. Other than driving to the post office, I am doing this all myself, so I thought I’d get a head start on proceedings.

The album and book are officially released on Monday, with all orders shipping this week. Sadly our vinyl plant ran a little behind due to COVID-19 shutdowns, so orders that include vinyl will ship the first week of August. I apologize for that delay but in these unprecedented times, I am still proudly supporting local businesses, and some have been hit hard.

Please stay safe out there and thank you again for joining me as we celebrate this new chapter. With love, Ashton x



[2 JULY 2020]

I'll be performing a free acoustic concert on my Facebook Page on Saturday 11 July 2020. 
The concert is available worldwide to all who would like to join.
Please check your local time in relation to the times listed on the flyer. 

Now taking requests on my Facebook and Instagram Pages :-).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

By popular demand, I have included a Tip Jar below, thank you.



[16 April 2020]

I am delighted to confirm that my new album is nearly ready! I also have a book of poetry, thoughts, lyrics and other oddities which will be released as part of this new project. I have deliberated whether this is indeed the right time to put new art out into the world and have essentially concluded that art is always necessary. I hope that you will find joy, inspiration and hope in this new work, the way I continue to breathe and dream more vividly, when celebrating the art of those I am inspired by.

The new work is available for pre-order now and includes a range of exclusive items and opportunities for you to be involved in what I’m creating. Please visit Waiting For A Voice to sign up, take advantage of exclusive limited edition items and glimpses behind the scenes. I can’t do this without you. Thank you!   

Amethyst (live in The Netherlands)

[3 April 2020]

Here I am performing “Amethyst” live at the beautiful Limburg Theatre in Heerlen, The Netherlands on 19 Sep 2019. This was one of the 36 European shows I did with Wayne Hussey last year and was indeed a magical night. Amethyst was originally written as a Darkwave song and first appeared on The Awakening album, “The Fourth Seal Of Seen” in a full band format. It was, however, the live piano version performed by Matthew Fink and I, featured on “The Fountain EP” the following year, that really resonated with fans, friends and family alike. It remains my favourite rendition and is the closing track on “Anthology XV” and has been played live in various incarnations of The Awakening and my solo shows over the years. I love the intimacy of this particular version and hope it brings some relief in these rather dark times. With love, as always. Ashton x